Summer Hike Series 2019


Yoga extends past the mat. 

While many of us have become familiar with all the variations and reiterations of the physical asana practice offered within a studio space, it's sometimes refreshing to remember that yoga carries into our everyday lives. 

Nature has it's own way of creating a meditative space. We connect to our breath with its fresh air, we separate from our busy lives and turn inward, our focus to one foot in front of the other. 

Sunday JUNE 16 - Hollyburn Mountain

(final location decision pending snow conditions)

First hike of the season is on Father’s Day this year! So bring along a dad or dad-like figure in your life!

3.5hr - The North Shore - Hollyburn Mountain is the perfect hike to do when you have half a day and want to escape into the wilderness. The peak offers a scenic view of sections of Vancouver, Burrard Inlet, and the Lions off in the distance & there will still be time for whatever else you have planned for the rest of the day!

Monday July 1 - Big Cedar & Kennedy Falls (tentatively)

5hrs - The North Shore - PERFECT WAY TO CELEBRATE CANADA DAY! The Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls trail in North Vancouver is a rugged hike into the backcountry along the east side of Mount Fromme and to the west of Lynn Creek. The trail passes an enormous old-growth cedar tree (approx. 600-years old!), with several trees growing out of it, before heading further north to a spectacular waterfall called Kennedy Falls.

Saturday August 10 - Mount Cheam

4.5hrs - Fraser Valler East - One of the most spectacular views in the Fraser Valley, Mount Cheam offers a 360-degree panoramic view from Chilliwack and the communities along the Fraser River, Jones Lake, the surrounding peaks, and Mount Baker to the south.

Saturday September 7 - Tunnel Bluffs

4.5hrs - Howe Sound - The hike to Tunnel Bluffs climbs steeply from the Sea To Sky Highway before following a flat section of an old logging road and arriving to a sweeping view of Howe Sound. On a sunny day, the incredible view looks out towards Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast as well as south to Horseshoe Bay and along the Sea To Sky Highway. There are some roped sections similar to the ones used on The Chief.