Interactive games, journaling, check in questions and guided meditation are used at the beginning and end of the class as a way to facilitate open, honest, real dialogue centered around issues many teen girls face today. Body image, confidence, self-care, inner dialogue, and healthy relationships are just a few of the conversations that have been sparked from a Girlvana lead class. Girlvana provides a safe space for girls to share. We believe that through sharing we can all see that we are not alone and that we can relate and identify to the other girls in our lives which can be empowering for the girls to experience.


During a Girlvana class the majority of time is spent instructing the girls through a yoga practice. We teach anuplifting, flow based practice that provides a physical challenge, but still emphasizes slowing down, relaxing and letting go. Instructors are trained to lead specifically to teen groups, therefore our classes are light hearted, set to
music, engaging and questions are always encouraged.
Yoga is used as a way for the girls to connect to their bodies from a place of love and understanding. Our team of yoga instructors know first hand the challenges placed on young women to look and act a certain way and how the negative self talk towards our own self can be detrimental to our physical and emotional well-being. We use
yoga as a way to empower them and show them how a simple shift in breath can create a ripple effect that they can use in times of stress.
By teaching poses that are accessible and can be done anywhere our hope is that the next time a girl feels stressed or anxious they can recall a pose they did during yoga and use it as a way to reground and refocus. We believe that yoga has the power to create a shift in how girls relate not only to themselves but to others.


At our core Girlvana believes that girls have the power to impact, change and influence the people around them when they have the support of a strong community. Girlvana goes
beyond the yoga classes creating outlets for girls who want to explore yoga further. We use our social media, online website, weekly Girlvana classes held at Xtreme Cheer and Dance, and bi-yearly retreats through the North Vancouver location to foster continued growth and evolution.

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“The benefits of yoga are endless at every age. The way I see yoga and meditation helping teen girls are rooted in self-discovery, balanced moods, less reactivity, physical fitness, better sleep and a healthier body image. Simply stated, yoga will open your heart. You will become more present and focused. The voice in your head, that self destructive one, will no longer rule your life. What other people think about you will matter less, and the way you treat yourself will matter more. You will always have a way to come back to peace and stillness inside yourself. You will have more confidence, a better self image and a healthier relationship to yourself and others. You will get stronger, more flexible, you will make better decisions for your health. Think smoothie versus slurpee, apologies versus gossip, and awareness versus shame. Yoga is a way to cope with whatever you are going through and this site is here to serve as an anchor for your growth, understanding and evolution “
— alex mazerolle founder


Our Team is the root of the Girlvana community. Each teacher has a passion for yoga, and knows first hand how impactful it can be. Girlvana teachers encourage real conversation and are always open to sharing their own personal stories and experiences on why they practice yoga. Each teacher is fully insured, has a minimum of 200 hours teacher training, and has been specifically trained to work with teens.


Having grown up in Langley, I am excited to be able to bring this program to my community! Just as it was Alex' intention, it is mine to create a safe
and open space to discuss the silly and the serious and to take a moment to feel and reflect.
After finding my own yoga practice, I came to see yoga as a tool to help empower body and mind. A tool to find the true self. In 2013 I completed my 200hrs with Oxygen Yoga and Fitness and shortly after startedteaching yoga full time.
My classes are alignment focused and offer sequences that are available to all levels with space for students to find the joy and freedom in creating their own practice. I believe that Girlvana is the perfect blend of physical and mental health that teen girls (really everyone) need in order to be confident


In School Rates
60 minute Girlvana class : $60
75 minute Girlvana class : $75
4 x Girlvana classes spread throughout the school year: $220

Classes can be held Monday to Friday : Contact for scheduling
Up to 20 yoga mats can be provided for the class for an additional $10 rental fee

In Studio Classes (Langley) – Held at Xtreme Cheer and Dance
Drop -in : $10 / class
Punch Pass: $50 / 6 classes


If you have any questions about Girlvana classes and how they can benefit your child, your class, your athlete please feel free to contact me for more specifics.

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