See what these young ladies have to say about their experience as a Girlvana Girl.

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jordan thompson

"This summer I took Girlvana Yoga classes with Brittany. I enjoyed these classes a lot and learned new things. I enjoyed the discussion and it was interesting to see the other [girls] opinions. Brittany made all of us feel welcome. One of my favourite classes was when we got to make flower crowns! It was so fun and they turned out so well. I didn't just learn about yoga [poses], I learned how to find my voice, how media affects us, and much more. Girlvana was so fun and Brittany is an amazing teacher."

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hailey deane

Going into Girlvana I didn't know what to expect, but very quickly I began to love it. From the moment I stepped into the studio and met Brittany I felt an instant connection and comfort. Her classes aloud me to be myself, feel empowered and do what I love, yoga, arts and crafts and talk. I would highly recommend Girlvana to anyone who just wants a place to be listened too, and have fun, all while being themselves.

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taylor thompson

This summer I took Girlvana Yoga and I had so much fun. I can't wait to take it [again]. We did so many fun things. We made crafts, we talked and we did yoga. I also learned so much from our discussions. I think it is important because we get all caught up in other stuff, but when we go there we can clear our minds and have fun. I would really suggest taking Girlvana to other girls my age