for at home or wherever else you might be.

Community Class has been inspired by a few things:

  1. The Girlvana Yoga Tsawwassen location is being co-opted in January for a yoga teacher training and we want to continue to offer classes to our regular girls.

  2. It’s the perfect opportunity to build an home practice.

  3. I have been looking for a way to advocate for womxn in a way that recognizes my privilege and supports the voices of the marginalized.

I am a cis-gender heterosexual able-bodied middle class white female. My privilege is through the roof.

Here’s what I do know.

  • The expectations of being a woman are extremely complex and draining.

  • Being a teenager in the process of discovering who you are while struggling with a need for autonomy is confusing, frustrating, and stressful.

  • The physical, breath, and mindfulness practices of yoga continually remind me to accept my body as it is, to appreciate the present moment, and to reconnect with my inner most self, my intuitive voice, that is constantly being challenged by life; yoga teaches me daily that life is simultaneously messy and beautiful.

  • I know nothing first hand about being BIPOC, being LGTBTQIA+, or having a disability.

  • Classes will not be 100% accessible. If you have a disability or an injury I will be happy to help you find modifications or help find resources that could work for you.

  • While living in Vancouver is financially strenuous and I struggle with student debt, I have never been completely without and I am lucky to have people who I can rely on to help me financially when needed.

  • I have been taught to “teach yoga”. I say this with a grain of salt because I am still grappling with my role in its cultural appropriation and because yoga has vast history that I have no ability to understand beyond what I am able to gain second hand.

So why am I offering this?

Because I am working to accept that you don’t have to know everything to teach it, you just have to know a little more than the next person, and be willing to keep learning without letting ego get in the way; I have decided that maybe if I can open up these conversations, and financially support those whose voices need to be heard, to champion the voices of those who I am learning from, I can help create change.

Who is Community Class for?

Community Class will be open to any and everyone.

The NET INCOME will be donated to the Girlvana Scholarship Fund, WOC Talks Mentorship Program, and the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

  • donations will range from $0-$30 so that the classes are financially available to anyone. (recognizing that the access to a computer & internet does impose a limit)

  • as the Girlvana Scholarship Fund and the WOC Talks Mentorship Program are still in the process of becoming recognized a non-profits I will be taxed for these donations as income and cannot currently afford to take this on financially. This means I will have take the corresponding taxes I will be charged as a “profit”.

  • Squarespace also charge a payment processing fee.

  • Income and Expense verification will be provided upon request.

And finally,

“Impact over intention.”

-Rachelle Ricketts

I will be continuing to learn throughout this process. I will be open to feedback. I will address concerns and ideas of others as they arise.