"We want to touch you, in a non-creepy way." - Ashley Brodeur

This kind of statement and this attitude are exactly what drew me to Feelosophy. There has always been something about Feelosophy founder Ashley Brodeur that makes you feel completely at ease; with a sly word and a quick wit, she dives into the big stuff. This big stuff is all that stuff that sometimes we just can't seem to get out of our heads, or that we're just not ready to share out loud, but the moment someone gives you a hug, or even a hand on the shoulder, you can't help but feel all of that "stuff" well to the surface. You feel a little lighter, a little of the load of life lifted.

Yoga is a place to find comfort, love, and belonging, on both your yoga mat and in your community. Feelosophy steps outside the traditional lines of the yoga experience. We want to touch you; give you that extra assistance in a hip opener or a comforting touch in child's pose, to remind you that you are okay, and you are not alone (or to remind you that your partner may not be the best at back rubs, but that's okay because you found us!). 

With Ashley's guidance as a student and now as a teacher I am so excited to be sharing this (not to be biased but - life changing - definitely yoga life changing) experience with others. Feelosophy is not only for your typical yogi, but is a great access point into yoga and for anyone looking to de-stress from life. Because Feelosophy's core values of connection and community are so aligned with what is truly important to me as a teacher and as person in general, I couldn't wait to become a part of this movement! 



Thursday, December 13th 2018 (7pm-8:30pm) @ Our Studio Abbotsford - **CLASS POSTPONED. Thank-you for your understanding and if you were hoping to take class don’t worry I will be rescheduling for the new year! Please contact me here for your discount code for the future event.

Saturday, December 29th 2018 (7-8:30pm) @ Oxygen Tsawwassen - redefining intention & our relationship with failure


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